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ProsKit CP-376TR 4P/6P/8P Three-Use Network Crimping Pliers

SKU TBD06035429
by ProsKit
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1. Shear part with protection device to avoid work injury
2. Made of S45C steel, strong structure
3. 4P/6P/8P crimping die, suitable for telephone, network connectors commonly crimped
4. TPR anti-dual color anti-slip handle, with force-saving ratchet device, crimping effect is good
5. With cut and strip UTP / STP round twisted pair and flat telephone line function
6. Material: S45C
7. Hardness of the blade: about 55 degrees
8. Handle: black part of the TPR material, green part of the PP material
9. Application: 8P8C/RJ45 network connector, 6P2C/6P4C/6P6C RJ11/RJ12 telephone connector, RJ-22 4P2C/4P4C telephone microphone connector
10. Length: about 19cm
11. Weight: about 350g