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PROMEND PD-M29 1pair DU Bearings Pedal Aluminum Mountain Car Peilin Riding Foot Pedal(Black)

SKU TBD0603359801A
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1. Aluminum alloy body, light and strong
2. Large tread surface, the pedal grips the foot, and the pedaling effect is good
3. Easy to maintain and durable (Please note that the newly received pedals feel that they can not move, you need to install them on the bicycle and pedal for 3-5 turns before they can be used normally)
4. Double DU bearings, large tread, integrated cleats
5. Material: aluminum alloy body, chromium molybdenum steel shaft core
6. Shaft core: standard 9/16 inch, 14mm
7. Size: 125x100x18mm
8. Weight: 310g

Pedal structure:
1. Pedal surface: wide tread surface, powerful pedaling performance, large contact area, the pedaling kinetic energy of the footsteps is converted into the kinetic energy of the bicycle forward, and the paint surface is matte black
2. Anti-skid studs on the surface: designed with studs to give the feet sufficient adhesion. There are 8 studs on each side of the pedals, and the studs cannot be replaced
3. Closed self-lubricating bearing: double DU self-lubricating design, good lubrication effect, rainproof and dustproof, easy to maintain