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POFOKO A200 13.3 inch Laptop Waterproof Polyester Inner Package Bag

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Color: Black
Option: 13.3 inch
1. Simple, anti-wrinkle, light and slim, easy to carry.
2. Three layers of functional materials to care for your computer. High-density cationic polyester fabric, wear-resistant and waterproof. High rebound and shockproof inner cotton, effectively absorb external collisions, shockproof and anti-collision. The inside of the flannel is comfortable and soft, and it prevents the friction between objects.
3. High molecular density polyester fabric, comfortable to wear, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, with excellent water repellent function, effectively blocking water molecules.
4. Large opening for easy access.
5. The baby products industry custom-made hook and loop fastener, does not hurt the skin does not damage the clothing.

Product cleaning and maintenance:
1. The outer surface can be gently wiped with a damp cloth that is soft, lint-free, and non-marking.
2. For more serious stains, use a small amount of neutral detergent to match the cleaning.
3. Avoid using corrosive detergents such as alcohol and bleach, which can cause unforeseen problems.

Do not use for a long time, please do basic cleaning of the product and store it in a dry pass.
At the wind, avoid long-term exposure to the environment such as temperature, humidity, and sun exposure.
(Packages are recommended to place appropriate fillers inside to keep the product flat.

Avoid contact with rough surfaces or sharp objects, which may cause scratches or abrasion on the surface of the product.