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Pcsensor 100-Key Touch Switch Module Custom Keyboard And Mouse Test Development Board, Style:PCB

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1. 100 keys, DIY keys can be set to various shortcut keys, combination keys, any single key
2. DIY: It can be DIYed into a standard USB keyboard and mouse with 100 custom keys, connected to the switch through two 10PIN cables, each key can be defined as keyboard function and mouse function through the supporting software, and can be set through the software The function of the switch and the function of the setting are stored in the device, and no other software is required during the use of the device
3. PCB: Optional 100 keys to help you test the function of the 100 keys set
4. Interface type: USB Type-c
5. Working voltage: 5V
6. Working current: 15mA
7. Keyboard function: a single shortcut key can be set; two combined shortcut keys can be set; three combined shortcut keys can be set;
8. Mouse function: You can set the left mouse button; you can set the middle mouse button; you can set the right mouse button; you can also set the movement of the X and Y axes and the up and down scrolling function of the wheel
9. Multi-system compatible, suitable for Mac, Dos, Windows All, Linux, Android
10. Material: PCBA board
11. Size: 4.2x4.2cm

Setting steps: When you want to change the function of the button, you can use the FootSwitch software to modify the function of the button:
1. Connect the device to the computer
2. Run the software FootSwitch
3. Select the button that needs to be changed
4. Click or enter the function you want to set
5. Click the Save to button