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Original Xiaomi Youpin YLTS04YL-A Yeelight Smart Dimming LED Spotlight M2

by Xiaomi
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$16.95 - $16.95
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1. Adopting deep hidden design, optimizing the angle of borrowing light, and not seeing the light in the visual range. At the same time, it is designed according to ergonomics to ensure that the light source is sufficient to effectively prevent glare
2. Use high color rendering lamp beads to faithfully restore the colors of life
3. Suitable for collection cabinets, display paintings, study rooms, stairs, corridors, background walls, etc.
4. Support Mijia APP control, AI intelligent voice control, etc.
5. It needs to be used with a gateway. The gateway assists Bluetooth mesh devices to access the network to achieve convenient and intelligent control
6. The standby power of the Bluetooth mesh module is 0.3W, which is more power-efficient