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Original Xiaomi Youpin YLKG13YL Yeelight Two Buttons Smart Wall Switch

by Xiaomi
Original price $11.95 - Original price $11.95
Original price
$11.95 - $11.95
Current price $11.95
1. Use SLISAON technology to realize smart lamps and lanterns off-line without going offline
2. With self-rebound design, a specific current pulse is generated by pressing. After the smart lamp detects and executes a specific algorithm, the lamp can be constantly powered on, so that the smart lamp can be controlled anytime and anywhere
3. Support dual control function, hand control, can independently control two groups of lights
4. No need for additional wiring, directly replace the traditional 86 box type switch
5. It comes with a power-on and power-off button, and the power can be turned off with a lightly dial in the self-rebound mode
6. The shell is made of PC material, which is resistant to high temperature and flame retardant, and is more stable in anti-aging
7. The switch contact adopts environmentally friendly brass base + pure silver contact design, pure silver has better conductivity and is not easy to oxidize
8. Saddle-shaped terminal, the wiring is safer and firmer, and it is not easy to break
9. Rated parameters: 250V-16AX
10. Installation aperture: 60mm
11. Size: 86x86x39.2mm