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Original Xiaomi Youpin Y8RK Portable Physical Electric Shock LED Mosquito Killer

by Xiaomi
Original price $15.95 - Original price $15.95
Original price
$15.95 - $15.95
Current price $15.95
1. Safe electrostatic and efficient mosquito trapping and killing mosquitoes
2. Lightwave attracts mosquitoes, physically kills mosquitoes, safety and environmental protection, curved LED lamp beads
3. Applicable to multiple scenarios, considerate details, worry-free use
4. Service life: 10000 hours
5. Lighting function: Yes
6. Night light function: Yes
7. Filament material: 99.99% gold
8. Ways to kill mosquitoes: electric shock (low noise)
9. Charging method: lithium battery
10. Packing list: manual x1, Type-Cx1, manual x1, brush x1
11. Product size: 70x70x135mm
12. Product net weight: 200g
13. Product power: 4W
14. Mosquito killing power: 3W
15. Product current: 50MA
16. Battery specification: 3.7V/1200mAh
17. Main material: ABS-PC
18. Charging time: 3H
19. Waterproof rating: IPX4
20. Adapter specifications: USB, 5V, 1000MA
21. Individual lighting time: 18H
22. Time to kill mosquitoes alone: 15H
23. Simultaneous use time of mosquito killing lighting: 9H
24. Lighting power: 1W flashlight