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Original Xiaomi Youpin Velev M83 Lollipop Shape PC Computer Laptop Mini Audio Speaker Amplifier Lounspeaker(Orange)

by Xiaomi
Original price $10.95 - Original price $10.95
Original price
$10.95 - $10.95
Current price $10.95
1. Material: ABS+PC+TPU
2. Power: USB 2.0
3. Audio input: USB 2.0
4. Power parameters: DC 5V/1A
5. Output power: 2.8W
6. Signal to noise ratio: more than 80dB
7. Frequency response range: 100Hz-20KHz
8. USB interface, plug and play
9. Convenient disassembly and assembly, easy to clean
10. The connecting wire is made of high-quality TPU, and the inner core is made of high-strength plastic material, which can be bent at will, adapting to a variety of computer usage scenarios
11. Product size: 54x175mm
12. Weight: 60+/-3g