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Original Xiaomi Youpin SO WHITE Waterproof Acoustic Wave Electric Toothbrush(Pink)

by Xiaomi
Original price $12.95 - Original price $12.95
Original price
$12.95 - $12.95
Current price $12.95
1. Weight: 50g
2. Rated voltage: 1.2V, rated power: 0.5W
3. Duration: about 25 days
4. Charging time: filling takes about 16 hours
5. Light weight, easy to carry
6. Use Dupont brush, soft and hard moderately, the top of the brush is rounded to avoid wearing gums.
7. There are three models to choose from.
8. Using wireless induction charging, the toothbrush can be charged quickly by directly putting it on the charging base when charging.
9. Products include: toothbrush body, brush head, charging base