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Original Xiaomi Youpin Miaomiaoce LCD Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Humidity Monitor

by Xiaomi
Original price $6.95 - Original price $6.95
Original price
$6.95 - $6.95
Current price $6.95
1. Product size: 88x70x12mm
2. Product weight: 59g (including battery)
3. Material: ABS
4. Temperature measurement range: 0 degrees Celsius -60 degrees Celsius
Temperature display resolution: 0.1 degrees Celsius
5. Humidity measurement range: 0% RH-99% RH
6. Humidity display resolution: 1% RH
7. Battery: CR2032 button battery (2 installed)
8. A 3.5-inch large-size LCD segment code display is used, which can clearly display a variety of values.
9. Short press the MAX/MIN button on the back of the LCD version of the Seconds Thermometer and Hygrometer to view the maximum/minimum value of temperature and humidity within 24 hours, helping you take better care of your family.
10. The LCD version of the second thermometer and hygrometer comes with a wall sticker, which can fix the device on the wall, refrigerator, etc.; it also comes with a desktop bracket, which can be fixed on the back of the product, so that the device can be placed on the desktop, etc. Horizontal surface.