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Original Xiaomi Youpin inFace MS6000 Three Gears Adjustable Infrared Radio Frequency Beauty Apparatus (White)

by Xiaomi
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$98.95 - $98.95
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1. 6-pole radio frequency, forming a full-density energy network, accurately focusing on the dermis, with higher heating efficiency and wider range of action, heat can quickly shrink aging and broken collagen fibers, and stimulate a large amount of collagen to repair and regenerate. Firm and elastic, smooth out signs of aging from the inside out
2. Linear polarized near-infrared light, strong penetrating power, safe and reliable, can reach the cortex, accelerate the metabolism of aging cells, and regain cell vitality; promote blood circulation, accelerate collagen regeneration, repair surface cells, and make skin as thin as silk slip
3. Technological intelligence to escort youthful muscles: 1. Boot for 10 seconds to warm up, 30 seconds without touching the skin, automatic shutdown, energy saving and environmental protection, 2. Epidermal constant temperature 37-43 degrees Celsius, gentle and comfortable, sensitive muscles can be used with confidence, 3. . Stay in the same position for 2 minutes, sound reminder, to ensure more stable energy output, more comfortable to use, 4. Continuous use in the same mode for 10 minutes, automatic shutdown, to protect the skin
4. The three-speed mode meets a variety of skin needs; one-key operation is convenient and quick: 1. L position: suitable for delicate skin, sensitive skin, oily skin and first-time users, 2. M position: suitable for light Most skins such as mature skin and mixed skin, 3. H position: suitable for mature skin, dry skin and other thick keratinous skin
5. 125g is small and light, you can enjoy the beauty in fragmented time, 10 minutes each time, lazy people can also persist
6. Charging mode: USB DC 5V
7. Charging current: 600 mah
8. Charging time: about 2.5 hours
9. Continuous working time: more than 60 minutes
10. Battery capacity: 1500mAh
11. Product size: 154x 63x39mm
12. Product net weight: about 125g