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Original Xiaomi Youpin HN3 Huanxing Mini Nose Hair Trimmer (Black)

by Xiaomi
Original price $6.95 - Original price $6.95
Original price
$6.95 - $6.95
Current price $6.95
1. R-shaped rounded cutter head, safety shield design, does not hurt the nasal cavity
2. The bottom hidden switch design will not spoil the overall aesthetics
3. One AAA battery can be used for about half a year (battery not included)
4. Small size, easy to carry
5. Open slit design, easy to capture nose hair in multiple directions and different lengths
6. The body is waterproof and can be washed directly under water
7. Rated voltage: 1.5V
8. Rated power: 0.3W
9. Speed: 8500rpm