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Original Xiaomi Youpin Funjia Portable leak-proof Coffee Cup (White)

by Xiaomi
Original price $18.95 - Original price $18.95
Original price
$18.95 - $18.95
Current price $18.95
1. Product capacity: 480ml
2. Shell material: austenitic stainless steel
3. Liner material: austenitic stainless steel
4. Liner coating: water-based silicon (polymethylsiloxane)
5. Lid material: polypropylene (PP)
6. Seal: Silicone
7. Thermal insulation efficiency: above 55 degrees Celsius (6 hours)
8. The water-ceramic liner can hold a variety of drinks without chemical reaction with the drinks, and better guarantee the original taste of the drinks, safe and healthy, smooth and white, dirt is difficult to gather, and easier to clean.
9. Comfortable small drinking port design, providing a proper amount of drink entrance.
10. Bring a cup of freshly ground coffee in the morning, put it in the cup holder, stop at the red light, drink coffee, and calmly enjoy the sunlight through the car window.