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Original Xiaomi Youpin EZVALO 4W 4000K White Light LED Wireless Smart Cabinet Light Kitchen Induction Light with Timer Function(Silver)

by Xiaomi
Original price $73.95 - Original price $73.95
Original price
$73.95 - $73.95
Current price $73.95
1. No cable design, no need to insert, bury or wire, easy to install
2. Hand sweep sensor + knob operation, easy to use
3. Built-in timer function to accurately calculate each cooking time
4. Use 3M glue to fix, keep away from the trouble of drilling walls and pulling wires
5. Strong stickiness, not easy to fall off, waterproof and high temperature resistant, leaving no traces after peeling, and will not damage the furniture
6. LED side light technology, safe, gentle and not dazzling
7. The lamp body is 60cm long, the brightness is up to 400lux, and the color temperature is 4000K
8. Built-in 7200mAh lithium battery, 33 hours minimum brightness battery life
9. The timer LCD screen, the reading on the screen is barrier-free
10. The cabinet light can be installed under cabinets, desk cabinets, balcony cabinets, kitchen cabinets, flexible, simple and universal
11. Two installation methods: 3M glue fixed installation, screw installation
12. Rated power: 4W
13. Rated voltage: 5V
14. Size: 605x132x42mm
15. Shell material: AL/PC+ABS

1. Avoid objects blocking within 0.5m from the sensing area
2. Avoid concealed installation in high temperature locations, such as directly above a gas stove
3. Avoid concealed installation in strong direct light or humid environment
4. Keep the hand sweep sensor switch away from places with concentrated water vapor
5. Avoid installing on the wall, avoid installing directly on the range hood