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Original Xiaomi Youpin Deerma Household Intelligent Constant Temperature Humidifier, US Plug

by Xiaomi
Original price $23.95 - Original price $23.95
Original price
$23.95 - $23.95
Current price $23.95
1. Small and cute, no space occupied
2. 20cm widened diameter design, easy to add water, easy to clean deeply
3. Gently touch to turn on the automatic constant humidity function, the default three-speed operation until humidified to the human body comfortable humidity range
4. Humidity ring aperture automatically changes colors according to the current humidity, showing you clearly the current humidity status
5. PP water tank, corrosion resistance, long service life
6. Rated power: 25W
7. Capacity: 2.5L
8. Rated voltage/frequency: 220V-50Hz