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Original Xiaomi Smart Central Hub Gateway Quad-core Built-in Bluetooth Signal Amplifier, AU Plug

SKU PC2293
by Xiaomi
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$71.95 - $71.95
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1. Linkage control of smart devices to create smart home application scenarios
2. Built-in professional-grade Bluetooth Mesh gateway, the network is stable and reliable, and can connect 200 Bluetooth Mesh devices and 100 Bluetooth devices at the same time.
3. Built-in Bluetooth signal amplifier, wider signal coverage
4. Equipped with quad-core processing chip and built-in 4GB storage space to ensure real-time data calculation and reserved expansion
5. Support RJ45 wired direct connection and 2.4G/5G dual-band WiFi

1. Model: ZSWG01CM
2. Product size: 87x87x30.5mm
3. Product weight: 279g
4. Power input: 12V 1A
5. Working temperature: -5 - 50 degree Celsius
6. Working humidity: 0%-95%RG no condensation
7. Wired connection: 10/100Mbps adaptive network port
8. Wireless connection: WiFi IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2.4GHz/5GHz, Bluetooth 5.0
9. Support system: Android 7.0 or iOS11.0 and above

Package list:
1 x Gateway
1 x Network cable
1 x Power adapter
1 x User manual