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Original Xiaomi Portable Removable 2000mAh USB Charging LED Desk Lamp with 3-modes Dimming

by Xiaomi
Original price $23.95 - Original price $23.95
Original price
$23.95 - $23.95
Current price $23.95
1. Three modes are quickly switched to meet various scenarios.
2. No video flashing, no blue light damage.
3. 40+ hours long battery life, full battery, easy to use for nearly two days.
4. Plug and play, long-term use and no fear of battery damage.

Basic parameters
Product model: MJTDO3YL
Product Name: Meter Home Rechargeable Lamp
Working temperature: -10 degree - 40 degree
Battery type: lithium ion polymer battery
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Maximum charging voltage: 5V
Maximum charging current: 0.8A
Rated working time: 4h ( 100lm ) 7h ( 60lm ) 40h ( 10lm )
Color temperature range: 4500K, 3200K, 2600K
Rated input: 5V 1A
Rated power: 5W (12 x 0.25W/LED module)
Executive standard: Q/QDYL K0002-2016
Luminous flux: 100lm ( 4500K ) 60lm ( 3200K ) 10lm ( 2600K )
Size: 130mmx315mm

Packing list
Table lamp x1
USB charging cable x1
Instruction manual x1