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Original Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4 Keyboard Double Sided Tablet Protective Case(White)

SKU TBD0603411401A
by Xiaomi
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$112.95 - $112.95
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1. Directly connected to the corresponding body contact after adsorption with the tablet by magnetic force, bringing almost senseless input delay feedback and stable and reliable connection quality
2. The integrated design not only ensures the protection of both sides of the tablet, but also has a keyboard function, and can open the lid to wake up and close the lid like a laptop
3. With the characteristics of light and easy to carry, can become your portable work assistant
4. Can be placed upright tablet to the slot above the keyboard to form a solid support
5. 110 degrees of comfortable viewing angle, 122 degrees of focus on the work angle can be selected
6. 19mm large key pitch, 16x16mm large key caps, typing is not constrained, reduce mis-touch, 1.3mm large key range, just the right amount of feedback, 64-key key layout, to meet the requirements of more functions
7. White silicone leather model, environmentally friendly silicone material, anti-fouling, anti-yellowing, easy care, comfortable feel, good resilience, to protect the tablet
8. Black PU models, skin-friendly material, feel fine, beautiful and durable