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Original Xiaomi Mijia XMZPGO5YM Zoom Foldable Extendable Monopod Bluetooth Tripod Selfie Stick

by Xiaomi
Original price $20.95 - Original price $20.95
Original price
$20.95 - $20.95
Current price $20.95
1. Detachable Bluetooth remote control, flexible operation
2. Push-pull remote control zoom, 0.1x high-precision zoom gear, more framing options when shooting photos and videos
3. Double-click the function key to quickly wake up the lock screen phone and enter the photo mode; double-click the function key to freely switch between photo and video modes during shooting
4. One-button remote control to switch front and rear cameras, simple and convenient operation
5. Unfold the handle of the selfie stick and turn it into a tripod in seconds to meet a variety of usage scenarios
6. Adjustable non-slip buckle to adapt to different sizes of models, can rotate 360 degrees freely
7. The bottom is wrapped with non-slip silicone, and the tripod mode is more stable and anti-shake
8. Small size, easy to carry
9. Battery model: CR1632
10. Battery capacity: 130mAh
11. Product specifications: 45x51x191mm
12. Stretching length: 570mm
13. Product net weight: 161g