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Original Xiaomi Mijia Thermos Cup Pocket Edition 350mL(Pink)

SKU EDA004378901B
by Xiaomi
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$10.95 - $10.95
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1. 304 stainless steel cup body, colorful color matching, anti-wear and anti-scratch
2. 316L stainless steel liner, 0.12mm ultra-thin inner wall, locking temperature
3. Double-thread cup lid, sealed silicone ring, no water leakage when inverted
4. The small body of the cup can be held with one hand and easily put into the pocket
5. Built-in tea filter to block tea leaves

1. Material: polypropylene PP, silicone rubber, stainless steel
2. Heat preservation performance: above 58 degrees Celsius (6 hours)
3. Cooling performance: below 12 degrees Celsius (6 hours)
4. Capacity: 350mL
5. Size: 62.5x62.5x174mm
6. Net weight: about 170g