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Original Xiaomi Mijia TA1 Pure Titanium Thermos Cup Ti 450mL(Space Grey)

SKU EDA004378701A
by Xiaomi
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1. Pure titanium cup body, matte texture, anti-wear and anti-scratch
2. Crystal liner technology, easy to clean, does not hide dirt, and ensures the quality of drinking water
3. Double-layer vacuum, long-term heat preservation and cold preservation
4. The flip cover switch is convenient for sports or driving to drink water at hand
5. Built-in tea filter to block tea leaves

Basic parameters:
1. Material: polypropylene PP, silicone rubber, TA1 titanium
2. Heat preservation performance: above 58 degrees Celsius (6 hours)
3. Cooling performance: below 10 degrees Celsius (6 hours)
4. Capacity: 450mL
5. Size: 68x66x227.5mm
6. Net weight: about 215g