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Original Xiaomi Mijia Sonic Cleansing Instrument(Pink)

by Xiaomi
Original price $22.95 - Original price $22.95
Original price
$22.95 - $22.95
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Basic parameters
1. Product model: MJJMYO1-ZJ
2. Product color: pink, blue
3. Net weight: 103g
4. Battery life: 400 minutes
5. Product size: 74??44.5mm
6. Rated input: 5V=1A
7. Battery capacity: 400mah
8. Executive standard: GB4706.1-2205 GB4706.15-2008
9. Packing list: facial cleanser x1, storage box x1, charging cable x1, manual x1
10. Double-layer gentle cleaning, also suitable for sensitive muscles, fine and soft bristles, antibacterial silicone material, 5200 rpm high frequency vibration cleaning
11. A new face-washing method to solve the problem of skin cleansing: double-layer gentle cleansing technology, bringing a cleaner and safer face-washing method than hand-washing. The fine bristles of antibacterial materials brush away dirt. The storage box is intimately configured for longer-lasting hygiene!
12. The fine and soft bristles deeply remove difficult-to-wash dirt: up to about 1915 bristles, driven by multi-directional high-frequency vibrations, deeply remove residual grease and dirt, reduce pore clogging, and better absorb skin care products. Bristles clean the partitions to make cleaning more in place.
13. Three-zone cleansing, multi-effect skin cleansing: detail cleansing area, suitable for nose, mouth corners. Deep cleansing area, suitable for facial T-shaped area. Standard cleaning area, suitable for face a?a area
14. The Mijia Sonic Facial Cleansing Instrument uses a double-layer sandwich technology of SEBS thermoplastic elastomer in a silicone skin bag containing antibacterial materials to create a soft skin-friendly touch and enhance cleanliness and comfort!
15. Safe and durable hygienic storage is more worry-free.