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Original Xiaomi Mijia MJZHQ3-01QM Wireless Edition 5V 2.1A 3 USB Interface Cube Shape Multifunctional Charger Power Converter(White)

by Xiaomi
Original price $13.95 - Original price $13.95
Original price
$13.95 - $13.95
Current price $13.95
1. Four-sided power supply expansion to help you solve the problem of insufficient wall power jacks, the jacks do not interfere with each other, the wires are not entangled, and the desktop is cleaner.
2. Each jack has an independent safety protection door to prevent electric shock.
3. 3 USB charging sockets, single port supports 5V 2.1A fast charging, built-in automatic charging recognition chip, can automatically identify equipment.
4. Anti-overload protection, safer charging.
5. PC material, strong flame retardant, avoid fire hazard.
6. Soft light indicator, use status is clear at a glance.
7. Small size and easy to carry.

Product parameters:
1. Size: 63x63x63mm.
2. Weight: about 180g.
3. USB input: 100-240V, 50 / 60Hz, 0.5A.
4. USB single port output: 5V 2.1A.
5. USB total output power: 15.5W.
6. Operating environment: -10-40 degrees Celsius.

Packing list:
Converter x 1
Manual x 1