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Original Xiaomi Mijia Mini Muscle Fascia Massager(Beige Grey)

SKU EDA002817601A
by Xiaomi
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$69.95 - $69.95
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1. 40dB(A) silent noise reduction, quiet and relaxing
2. Easy to hold, save effort, enjoy anytime, anywhere
3. The high-speed brushless motor can output a surging power of 190mN.m, penetrate into the deep muscle groups below 5mm, improve the local blood circulation speed, relieve fatigue and pain, and help the body's soft tissues to rejuvenate
4. Intelligent pressure-sensing speed regulation, fast sniping fatigue
5. 3-speed scientific massage mode, professional care for muscle health
6. The internal intelligent pressure sensing system can automatically sense the force of the user's muscles, and stably increase the impact force and speed. The massage is deeper and stronger, reaching the depths of the muscles accurately, quickly relieving fatigue and pain
7. The 360-degree intelligent reminder light ring can feedback different colors according to the strength of the user's pressing muscles, and accurately remind whether the massage strength is appropriate. Make the relaxation process safer and more effective and avoid ineffective or excessive massage
8. 2600mAh lithium battery provides long-lasting energy blessing, 13 hours of battery life, 1-speed mode, massage for 10 minutes a day, can be used for about 35 days, Type-C universal fast charging interface, ready to use after charging, no more worries about battery power
9. Adopt hidden heat dissipation design, effectively prevent sweat dripping into the interior and affect normal use, making massage easier
10. Size: 101x130mm