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Original Xiaomi Mijia H700 High Speed Anion Electric Hair Dryer, US Plug(Black)

SKU EDA003610801A
by Xiaomi
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$131.95 - $131.95
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1. HD color screen, Intelligent temperature control
2. 70m/s hurricane wind speed, 102000 rpm powerful motor, strong wind, dry medium and long hair in 5 minutes.
3. Quick-drying double air duct design, 80% of the air volume is sucked in from the rear air inlet, and 20% of the air volume flows in from the bottom of the handle, advancing over 17 liters of strong air flow per second.
4. Ten million negative ion hair care
5. NTC thermal sensor, 100 times/sec intelligent temperature control
6. 6 blowing modes, 2 wind speed, 3 wind temperature
7. Aluminum alloy body, sand blasting and secondary oxidation, better wear resistance, full of luxury style.

1. Rated voltage: 220V
2. Rated frequency: 50Hz
3. Rated power: 1200W
4. Product size: 124.5x57x215.5mm