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Original Xiaomi Mijia Electric Kettle 1S, Capacity: 1.7L CN Plug(White)

by Xiaomi
Original price $26.95 - Original price $26.95
Original price
$26.95 - $26.95
Current price $26.95
Basic parameters:
1. Product name: electric kettle
2. Rated voltage: 220V
3. Product model: MJDSHO3YM
4. Rated frequency: 50HZ
5. Product size: 223x158x261mm
6. Rated power: 1800W
7. Capacity: 1.7L
8. Type of protection against electric shock: Class 1
9. Net weight: 1.3kg
10. Packing list: rice appliance kettle 1Sx1, power base x1, manual x1
11. Mi appliance kettle 1S only needs to boil water once, it can keep warm at about 55 degree celsius. If you want to drink warm water, refuse to boil it repeatedly, drink healthy warm water, and live a warm life like spring.
12. Two pot tops for boiling water and heat preservation, convenient and worry-free: Mijia integrates the pots and heat preservation pots into one body to meet the needs of users life. One pot achieves the effect of water boiling and heat preservation. simpler.
13. Upgrade the thick aluminum plate heating chassis to evenly heat and fully boil: select the thick aluminum plate heating chassis, the heat load is more uniform, fully boiled and safe to drink.
14. The giant energy heating chassis boils quickly and so on: 1800W giant energy heating chassis, rapid heating, it can boil in a few minutes, and boil water for about 6 minutes.
15. Highly equipped STRIX thermostat will stop when the water is opened, safe and secure: the core component of the rice appliance kettle 1S, selected high-quality British brand STRX thermostat, sensing water temperature with ultra-high sensitivity to achieve precise temperature control, water on Stop immediately, more safe and durable.