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Original Xiaomi Mijia Double-layer Smart Safe Deposit Box with 6 Unlocking Methods (Black)

by Xiaomi
Original price $140.95 - Original price $140.95
Original price
$140.95 - $140.95
Current price $140.95
1. The protection of the safekeeping box motor control and the mechanical structure of the lock is made of 65Mn steel, which has anti-drilling ability and effectively enhances the anti-destructive performance of the box.
2. 6 unlocking methods to meet the needs of diverse scenarios: fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, one-time password, Bluetooth unlocking, key unlocking and dual verification unlocking.
3. The safe deposit box is equipped with a fixed installation hole, which can be fixed to the wall. When the safe deposit box is pried and moved away by external force, even if the fixed object is damaged, it can trigger a vibration alarm and send a remote notification.
4. Double-layer safe space, designed for family storage.
5. Using Bluetooth 5.0 low power consumption technology, it can be used normally for one year even with 4 x AA batteries. (Not including battery)
6. Type-C emergency power supply port, you can feel at ease even when the battery is dead.
7. Number of door bolts: 2
8. Product size: 300x400x300mm
9. Product net weight: 17kg

Packing List
Smart Safe Box x 1
Manual x 1
Mechanical Key x 2
Expansion Screw x 2