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Original Xiaomi Mijia 600ml Tritan Sport Water Drinking Cup(Grey)

SKU EDA003611301B
by Xiaomi
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1. Built-in tea filter design on the top cover, open the cover smoothly to receive water without splashing
2. Soft silicone material lifting ring, easy to clean.
3. The button cover can be opened and closed with one hand, and the double lock can avoid accidental opening and leakage, and can be placed at will.
4. Tritan material not only does not contain bisphenol A (BPA), but also has a transparent cup body, good heat resistance, no deformation or rupture in boiling water, and can be used in baby products, medical treatment, etc.
5. Thickened cup body, feel thick, no need to worry about accidental drop, durable and more assured.
6. A small drinking port specially designed for sports hydration, the water volume is smooth and soothing, no overflow, and safe drinking.
7. 600ml water level scale line, accurately grasp the sports drinking water.

1. Material: Tritan, PP, Silicone
2. Capacity: 600mL
3. Dimensions: 80 x 93.5 x 211mm
4. Applicable temperature: -20~50 degrees Celsius (recommended temperature 0~50 degrees Celsius)