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Original Xiaomi Mijia 2400ANSI Lumens 1080P Household Mini HD Laser Projector, Support Wifi & Smart Voice

by Sunsky
Original price $5.311.000 - Original price $5.311.000
Original price
$5.311.000 - $5.311.000
Current price $5.311.000
1. Using laser light source, the average brightness reaches 2400 lumens
2. Microphone array composed of 4 highly sensitive sensors to accurately identify and locate the sound source
3. When the screen projection is turned off, it is a smart speaker that can sing songs by voice
4. 12:1 transmittance ratio, easy to cast 60-150 inch viewing screen by adjusting the distance
5. Low noise and noise, giving you a quiet viewing environment
6. The intelligent Patchwall system can recommend content based on your viewing habits
7. In addition to being equipped with 2 HDMI ports and Gigabit Ethernet port, it also has 2.4G/5G dual-band Wifi mode, which can be connected to mobile phones and tablets with one click
8. The service life of the light source reaches more than 25,000 hours, it can be used for 4 hours every day, and can be used for about 17 years
9. Material: PC
8. Dimensions: 31.7x26.5x11.2cm