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Original Xiaomi Mijia 120W 13000Pa Portable Handheld Car Home Vacuum Cleaner Dust Catcher Cleaning Tools(White)

by Xiaomi
Original price $48.95 - Original price $48.95
Original price
$48.95 - $48.95
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1. The use of high-performance brushless motor, internal straight-through double air duct design, effectively reduce energy consumption and improve cleaning efficiency
2. Flexible and compact, easy to operate, suitable for a variety of household cleaning scenarios
3. Adopt a one-button dust dump design, press the button, and the dust collecting cup lid will pop open automatically to avoid secondary pollution
4. Using the button lock design, slide down to unlock when the dust is dumped, just press the button lightly
5. Built-in HEPA high efficiency filter element, good filtration efficiency
6. The dust cup assembly is removable and can be washed
7. ABS hard dust baffle, effectively prevent dust leakage
8. Adapt to Type-C interface, can be used with mobile phones, mobile power data lines