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Original Xiaomi Mijia 1000W 10 Gears Adjustable Intelligent Multifunctional 304 Stainless Steel Health Pot, capacity: 1.5L(US Plug)

by Xiaomi
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$32.95 - $32.95
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1. Rated input power: 1000W
2. Rated voltage: 220V
3. Rated frequency: 50HZ
4. Capacity: 1.5L
5. Smart recipes cook with one button, one pot cooks nutritious and delicious food
6. Comes with 10 fire power adjustment, which can not only simmer slowly with 100W power, but also boil quickly with 1000W high power, and it can be retracted quickly and slowly.
7. The Mijia smart multifunctional health pot has built-in multiple cooking programs, which individually optimize the cooking curves of tea, milk tea, soup, desserts and other recipes, and automatically match the appropriate firepower and heat preservation temperature.
8. Built-in 9-speed 45-85 degrees Celsius, heat preservation temperature adjustment, and support 12 hours of long-term heat preservation. Set the temperature at 55 degrees Celsius, which is suitable for the entrance. Whenever you lift the health pot, you can drink a sip of warm water to quench your thirst.
9. It supports dual appointments for the body and mobile phone, and the heating end time can be easily locked. Regularly before going to bed, you can drink warm tea early in the morning, so you dona??t have to worry about it in the morning.
10. The Mijia App can be used for remote control, and it supports the setting of heat preservation temperature and heat preservation time. At the same time, it also supports custom recipes, adjusts the temperature and firepower according to personal needs, obtains your own exclusive recipes, and expands unlimited possibilities.
11. The bottom of the pot is equipped with a hidden thermostat, which can be used with other parts of the body to monitor the status of the heating plate in real time, and automatically cut off the power when overheated, which effectively guarantees the safety of use.
12. Product size: 235x136x214mm
13. Net weight: 1.4kg