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Original Xiaomi MIIIW Wireless Bluetooth Earphone (White)

by Xiaomi
Original price $19.95 - Original price $19.95
Original price
$19.95 - $19.95
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1. Small size, easy to carry
2. With semi-in-ear design, comfortable to wear
3. Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 chip, stable connection
4. Single and double earphone modes can be switched freely
5. 13mm moving coil unit, combined with polymer to conform to the diaphragm, make the bass more vigorous and the treble more pure
6. The single earphone can be used continuously for about 6 hours when it is fully charged, and it can be used alternately with the charging compartment and single ear, and the continuous battery life can reach about 25 hours.
7. Support to connect electronic devices with built-in Bluetooth
8. Touch the earphone to realize the functions of cutting songs, listening to the phone, etc., simple operation
9. Charging port: Type-C
10. Charging chamber parameters: DC 5V 0.5A
11. Headphone battery capacity: 30mah 3.7V (single ear)
12. Battery capacity of charging compartment: 320mah 3.7V
13. Charging time: about 1.5 hours
14. Working distance: about 10 meters
15. Size: 45.6x50.9x22.3mm