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Original Xiaomi MIIIW 7200 DPI Programmable Gaming Mouse(Black)

by Sunsky
Original price $175.000 - Original price $175.000
Original price
$175.000 - $175.000
Current price $175.000
SKU KB0210
1. 4 light effect areas, light and shadow meet, immersive
2. 7200DPI gaming mouse sensor, 150IPS tracking speed, 30G acceleration
3. Players can use MIIIW CONNECT for function keys, key combinations, and multi-key macros.
4. The button rebounds quickly, neatly, and feels comfortable.
5. Equipped with 32-bit ARM master chip, up to 1000Hz polling rate, mouse response
6. Ergonomic design, no burden on the mouse placed on the mouse
7. Support system: Windows 7, macOS 10.10 and above
8. Size: 125x75x45mm
9. Weight: 146.6g