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Original Xiaomi Bluetooth 4.2 Neck-mounted Earphones for iPhone & Android Smart Phones or Other Bluetooth Audio Devices(Black)

by Xiaomi
Original price $25.95 - Original price $25.95
Original price
$25.95 - $25.95
Current price $25.95
1. Charging time: 1 hour
2. Communication distance: 10 meters
3. Bluetooth Protocol: HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP
4. Lightweight TPE neck-mounted is light and elastic. It can remember and rebound even if it bends greatly. It also has skid-proof and skin-friendly characteristics. It has a warm touch and is comfortable to wear all-weather.
5. High-strength case, effectively protect the circuit board and battery parts in the machine.
6. Segmented design of three functional keys, sensitive touch, high recognition of blind maneuver
7. Delicate single-sided thread buckle, can gently buckle the headphone cable, to avoid wire flick