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Original Xiaomi AW300 WiFi Smart Outdoor Camera 2K Full Color Night Vision IP66 Waterproof Video Surveillance Webcam, US Plug(White)

SKU TBD0603380401A
by Xiaomi
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1. Dustproof and waterproof: IP66
2. Video encoding: H.265
3. Power input: 12V 1A
4. Night vision light: 2pcs 850 nm infrared light, 2pcs LED warm light
5. Operating temperature: -30-60 degrees Celsius
6. Wireless connection: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
7. Focal length: 4mm
8. Support system: Android 8.0 or iOS 12 and above
9. Resolution: 2304 x 1296
10. CMIIT ID: 2022DP11188
11. Storage function: MicroSD card (16-256GB)/Cloud storage
12. Implementation standard: GB 8898-2011
13. Weight: about 249g
14. Size: about 17.3 x 7 x 7.5cm

1. High wide-angle overhead shot, accurate coverage of the care area
2. 3 million pixel ultra-clear CMOS sensor, optical lens, 24-hour day and night watch, high-definition recording of screen changes
3. The use of WDR wide dynamic technology, to deal with all kinds of complex outdoor environment
4. Built-in 2 high-power white light + 2 infrared lights, intelligent full-color night vision, clear imaging in the dark. When someone passes by, automatically open the white light fill light, the dark environment still present color picture
5. Intelligent electronic fence, recognition to the electronic fence area screen changes or humanoid movement, timely notification through the cell phone, but also to avoid the electronic fence outside the invalid notification of foreign movements
6. Sound and light warning, active alert to drive away the danger
7. Built-in high-power speaker and high-fidelity microphone, installed in high places can also hear the voice. 7m far-field clear sound pickup, sound and picture recording at the same time, video playback full of clear sound
8. Support for multi-camera care, real-time screen multiple split screen, can be on TV, tablet, cell phones and other devices, through the APP simultaneously view multiple cameras real-time shooting screen, support 4-way screen open stream view at the same time
9. In the smart door locks, door and window sensors and other products to identify abnormalities, the camera can shoot video, push notification and trigger sound and light alarm
10. IP66 level dustproof and waterproof process, the bad weather is still stable operation
11. The base is fixed with screws, simple installation, the base comes with a rotating universal axis, according to the needs of care, free to adjust the angle
12. High-gain external Wi-Fi antenna, video transmission distance is farther, good penetration, anti-interference ability is enhanced
13. Video transmission encryption, Mi security chip + AES128-bit encryption algorithm, build security and privacy protection shield
14. H.265 video encoding technology, save video storage space. More stable connection in the same network conditions, cell phones to view the screen smoothly, no lag
15. Support a variety of storage methods

Packing list:
- Outdoor camera x 1
- Positioning sticker x 1
- Power adapter (with 3m power cable) x 1
- Expansion bolt x 3
- Screws x 3
- User manual x 1
- Waterproof tape x 1