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Original Xiaomi Air2 SE TWS Touch Wireless Bluetooth Earphone with Charging Box, Support HD Call & Voice Assistant & Smart Pop-up Windows(White)

SKU IP6D1335
by Xiaomi
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$23.95 - $23.95
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1. Use 14.2mm large size composite diaphragm dynamic coil unit, the sound is fuller, thicker and more natural.
2. Built-in dual high-sensitivity microphones can reduce noise without worrying about noise interference, and the call is clear.
3. You can use one headset or two headsets together.
4. Touch the headset to realize music playback / pause, call answer / hang up, wake up voice assistant and other operations.
5. Can detect wearing status. When you remove the headphones during music playback, you can pause the music and resume playback after re-wearing.
6. Open the charging box, and the phone will automatically pop up the headset connection information window. After connecting, you can also check the power of the headset and charging box.
7. Smart chip, earphone can be used for about 5 hours on a single charge, with charging box can be used for up to 20 hours.
8. Adopt semi-in-ear wearing design to better fit the ear canal and bring stable and comfortable wearing experience for both ears from inside to outside.
9. The unilateral earphone weight only 4.7 grams, and the small and light body makes it easy to wear, greatly reducing the fatigue of long-term wear.