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Original Huawei LBT-153015A HiLink Smart Children Electric Toothbrush Automatic Tooth Brushing Artifact(Pink)

by Huawei
Original price $26.95 - Original price $26.95
Original price
$26.95 - $26.95
Current price $26.95
1. Rated power: 0.8W
2. Battery capacity: 700mah
3. Rated voltage: 3.7V
4. Input: 5V 1A
5. The small sonic movement for children is adopted, and the gentle vibration frequency is more suitable for the delicate mouth of children. It does not hurt the gums while cleaning the teeth.
6. 6 kinds of cleaning modes, fully guarding different needs
7. 8-shaped brush head, fits the tooth shape, deeply cleans the back molars
8. Round head brush head, antibacterial wire, soft and not hurting teeth
9. Intelligently mark cavities and missing teeth in the APP, and automatically allocate brushing strength and duration, making teeth cleaning more scientific and comprehensive
10. Smart and thoughtful induction design to prevent the toothbrush from flying away from the foam on the tooth surface
11. Intelligent over-voltage protection to avoid damage to the tooth surface
12. Curved handle, soft rubber wrap body, anti-slip bump design on the back, more comfortable grip
13. Wireless induction fast charging time: 5 hours
14. Life time: 40 days
15. Size: 205.3x29.8x29.8mm