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Original Huawei H10-L Olybo Smart Electric Sonic Toothbrush (Orange)

by Huawei
Original price $24.95 - Original price $24.95
Original price
$24.95 - $24.95
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1. Waterproof rating: IPX7
2. Charging time: 10 hours
3. Voltage: 4V
4. Acoustic frequency: 28000-48000 times/min
5. Battery capacity: 800mah
6. Built-in high-efficiency magnetic levitation motor, high-frequency vibration forms strong sound waves to cut the water flow into the tiny teeth gaps
7. Suspended storage and charging design, quickly drained without mold, and more space-saving
8. The design of water droplets on the arc cut surface reduces dirt and dirt
9. Each bundle of bristles is composed of 0.002mm slender bristles, which evenly disperse the pressure on the gums and deeply clean the dirt inside the gums
10. 3 standard care modes to meet daily oral cleaning
11. 15 oral care modes to effectively improve the oral environment for a long time
12. Warm up for 5 seconds after turning on the machine, the vibration is gradual, and the toothpaste is rejected