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by Huawei

Original Huawei Folding Mobile Phone Car Holder for Huawei Mate X2 / Mate Xs / Mate X (Black)

Original price $96.95 - Original price $96.95
Original price
$96.95 - $96.95
Current price $96.95
1. Flexible control of the opening and closing size, not only adapts to the unfolding and folding state of folding mobile phones, but also provides a stable grip for other mobile phones of different sizes
2. Relying on the ingenious linkage of gravity and spring, the mobile phone will be loose when picked up, and will be closed when you put it down.
3. When encountering bumpy road conditions such as speed bumps and rugged mountain roads, the phone can be firmly clamped
4. Reserve the charging port position, easy to use
5. It adopts double spring and anti-impact buffer design, which is fixed by a large panel to avoid noise caused by the shaking of the bracket when driving.
6. Telescopic hook design, compatible with a variety of air outlets
7. The built-in universal ball can rotate freely and can be adjusted to a comfortable angle at will