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Original Huawei CP62 40W Max Qi Standard Wireless Charger Stand

SKU IP8G0515
by Huawei
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1. High gloss glass panel, wrapped in aluminum alloy, durable.
2. The 60-degree vertical elevation design conforms to the ergonomic principles. You can play the mobile phone while charging it with ease while operating the phone gently.
3. No need to unpack, lightly release, charge immediately, maximum support 40W power.
4. Built-in high-energy centrifugal fan, bottom L-shaped three-dimensional air duct design, air slot heat dissipation design, while dissipating heat for the charger, it can also dissipate heat for the mobile phone.
5. Built-in double coil, large induction range.
6. The external LED indicator can display the current charging status of the mobile phone at any time. When the white light is off, it is in the standby state; when the white light is always on, it is in the charging state; and when the metal or foreign objects such as keys or coins interfere with the charging process, the LED indicator will flash quickly to remind that it is in incorrect charging at this time status.
7. Adapt to a variety of wireless charging electronic devices that support the Qi standard.
8. Input interface: USB-C/Type-C.
9. Working temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius.
10. Storage temperature: -20-60 degrees Celsius.
11. Fuse rating: 5A.
12. Product material: glass + aluminum alloy + PC + silicone pad.
13. Product size: 113x65x90mm.