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Original Huawei Bluetooth 4.2 Intelligent Body Fat Scale 2 Pro

by Huawei
Original price $67.95 - Original price $67.95
Original price
$67.95 - $67.95
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1. Eight-electrode measurement, comprehensive use of bioelectrical impedance, anthropometry, and mathematical statistical analysis methods to establish a waist-hip ratio prediction model to intelligently infer the body type
2. It can record historical data, capture changes and realize fitness goals efficiently
3. Adopt anti-interference, high-precision heavy chip, the weight change can be clearly seen
4. Bluetooth Wifi dual connection, view data anytime, anywhere
5. Innovative embedded handle design, integrated with scale surface
6. ITO conductive coating + LED hidden display, the reading is clearer
7. Using 320x320 tempered glass large scale design, comfortable and stable feet, 3.6mm short scale feet, effectively prevent rollover, the bottom of the scale feet is made of TPU anti-skid material, fine grain design, more anti-skid
8. Only supports Android 4.4 and above mobile phones
9. Battery: 3*no.5 alkaline batteries (not included)