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Original Huawei 66W GaN Ultra-thin Travel Charger Power Adapter with Type-C / USB-C Cable (White)

by Huawei
Original price $96.95 - Original price $96.95
Original price
$96.95 - $96.95
Current price $96.95
1. Folding pin design, not easy to scratch other items
2. Using high-efficiency sealed GaN gallium nitride and COB highly integrated flat-panel transformers, pen-type electrolytic capacitors, an amazing slim experience long ago
3. Support for Huawei mobile phones, tablets, earphones, smart watches and other devices
4. Adopt mature stable current charging method, compatible with more brands and charging equipment, and the output current is more stable
5. Ten layers of protection, safe and reliable
6. Size: 80x43x10.5mm
7. Weight: about 62g