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Original Huawei 15W x 3 Multi-device Smart Wireless Charging Board Set withType-C / USB-C Charger & Cable (Grey)

by Huawei
Original price $177.95 - Original price $177.95
Original price
$177.95 - $177.95
Current price $177.95
1. Just put it away, you can quickly charge, easy to use
2. Using 3 layers of three-dimensional large coil arrangement, according to the location of the charging equipment, intelligently select the combination of charging coils to increase the effective charging area and reduce the charging blind area
3. Equipped with a smart temperature control chip and a silent air cooling system, allowing the device to charge efficiently while maintaining a safe temperature, and automatically enter a quiet charging mode at night
4. It can charge devices that support wireless charging, such as for Huawei mobile phones, tablets, earphones, smart watches, etc., and can provide wireless fast charging for other brand devices that support the Qi protocol.
5. Intelligent foreign body sensing, overheating and power failure protection
6. The LED indicator shows the charging status of the device at a glance
7. When the battery is nearly full, it will automatically enter the trickle charging mode to prevent overcharging and protect the battery
8. Input interface: USB Type-C
9. Size: about 242x90x18.6mm
10. Weight: about 360g

Note: Can not charge at the same time