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Original DJI FPV 2pcs Air Unit Antenna SMA Head

SKU TBD03032166
by DJI
Original price $20.95 - Original price $20.95
Original price
$20.95 - $20.95
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1. LHCP antenna, strong anti-interference ability, SMA connector
2. Long-distance transmission, small size, light weight, and drop resistance
3. VSWR less than 2 Corresponding frequency bands: 5.4 GHz - 6 GHz, 5.8 GHz
4. Measured axial ratio: 3 dB
5. Measured gain: 2.75 dB
6. Compatible products: suitable for DJI FPV air system
7. Size: 12.7x12.7x55mm
8. Weight: 6g

Kind tips
1. The SMA head of this product is an internal threaded inner hole.
2. When installing the air terminal antenna, it is necessary to separate the two antennas as much as possible, and the cylindrical parts of the two antenna ends should be separated by at least 40 mm to achieve the communication effect; at the same time, try to keep away from metal and carbon fiber structural objects, and ensure that the antenna is not blocked during flight