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ORICO Honeycomb Series WS500RC3 SATA 3.5 inch 50TB USB-C / Type-C 5 Bays Aluminum Alloy HDD / SSD Enclosure with Raid

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Option: USB-C / Type-C 5 Bays with Raid
1. Single disk supports 10TB hard disk expansion.
2. SATA3.0 6Gbps master control solution + UASP acceleration protocol, the rate is greatly improved.
3. Multi-array mode, multiple data security.
4. Massive storage of movies, pictures, etc.
5. USB-C / Type-C supports front and back blind insertion, which brings a smooth high-speed transmission experience and data transmission is more stable and secure.
6. The honeycomb is convectively cooled, and a large-sized silent fan is installed at the bottom. The convection wind speed is faster and the heat dissipation effect is better.
7. Intelligent sleep, protect the hard disk, environmental protection and energy saving.

1. Product material: aluminum alloy
2. Product size: 242x165x139mm.
3. Support capacity: up to 50TB, single disk 10TB.
4. Output interface: USB-C / Type-C.
5. Power supply: 12V 6.5A external power supply.
6. Support mode: RAID 0/1/3/5/10/JBOD/CLONE 7 disk array modes.
7. Installation method: screw fixing
8. Product weight: 2.75kg (net weight).
9. Support system: Windows / Mac / Linux.