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NUBWO N11 Gaming Subwoofer Headphone with Mic

SKU TBD0537383201A
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$15.00 - $33.00
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colour: Black and Red
Option: Single 3.5mm
1. Impedance: 32 ohms
2. Sensitivity: Single 3.5: 98db/ Single USB7.1: 105db
3. Weight: single 3.5: 360g (with packaging), single USB7.1: 400g (with packaging)
4. Material: artificial skin protein
5. Uses: computer headsets, game audio and video headsets, gaming headsets
6. Power: 50mW
7. With or without microphone: Yes
8. Sounding principle: moving coil
9. Speaker diameter: 50mm
10. Plug diameter: 3.5mm
11. How to use: head-mounted
12. Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
13. Headphone output audio source: communication equipment
14. Packing list: earphone + color box packaging + manual
15. Wide hearing range, accurate position recognition
16. 50mm stereo unit, effectively improve the output sound effect and sensitivity, and truly restore the original game sound
17. 360° noise reduction microphone, omnidirectional adjustment
18. Adjustable elastic headwear, with a degree of elasticity without pinching ears, and still comfortable for a long time
19. The big earmuffs are skin-friendly and comfortable, and they are still comfortable after long wear
20. Intelligent wire control, comfortable and convenient
21. Microphone size: 6.0x2.7mm
22. Microphone sensitivity: -38dB
23. Microphone impedance: 2.2 kiloohms
24. LED working voltage: 1.8~3.4v
25. Headphone jack: single 3.5: 3.5mm, single USB7.1: USB
26. Cable length: single 3.5: 1.6 meters, single USB7.1: 2 meters