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by Netac

Netac U905 High Speed USB3.0 Retractable Car Music Computer USB Flash Drive

SKU TBD0602417503
Original price $8.00 - Original price $29.00
Original price
$8.00 - $29.00
Current price $8.00
Option: 64GB

1. USB3.0 high-speed read and write, convenient push-pull design, secure encryption, multiple capacity options
2. It adopts a time-saving and labor-saving push-pull design. The cap and the flash drive are two-in-one. It can be opened with a single click, and the cap will not be lost.
3. Rounded corners, ergonomic curved design, comfortable to hold
4. White and blue color matching, strong recognition
5. USB3.0 interface, providing technical support for fast transmission of large amounts of data, efficient reading and writing
6. Built-in file encryption lock, no need to install, easy to lock data, safe encryption
7. Multiple capacity storage, strong compatibility
8. Read speed: up to 90-120MB/s
9. Write speed: up to 30-50MB/s
10. Applicable scenarios: computer office, car video playback, screen video playback
11. Operating system: for Mac Os/Linux/Windows 7/8/10/XP etc.
12. Capacity: 16GB / 32GB / 64GB / 128GB / 256GB
13. Material: ABS
14. Dimensions: 62x20.8x10mm
15. Weight: about 8g