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by Netac

Netac K218 High Speed 2.5 Inch Software Encrypted Mobile Hard Drive

SKU TBD0602407001
Original price $82.00 - Original price $105.00
Original price
$82.00 - $105.00
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Option: 1TB

1. The whole body uses a non-porous design, all except the USB port are closed, which can effectively avoid the damage to the hard disk caused by water splashing and splashing.
2. Using the USB3.0 high-speed socket protocol, the transfer rate is up to 5Gb/s, and the cache is 8M
4. ABS engineering grade plastic shockproof bracket
5. Security can not be mistaken, software password protection, partition management, high-speed transmission
6. Dual-zone storage, free to switch between work and entertainment
7. USB3.0 interface, backward compatible with USB2.0, real resource transfer in seconds, simple backup, easy expansion
8. Hard disk speed: 7200RPM
9. Material: plastic
10. Capacity: 1TB / 2TB
11. Interface: USB3.0, backward compatible with 2.0
12. Operating system: for Mac Os/Linux/Windows 7/8/10 etc.
13. Packing list: hard disk, data cable, packing
14. Dimensions: 122x76x13.2mm
15. Weight: about 173g