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Mega-idea Intelligent Infrared Laser Desoldering Machine, Model:With Microscope Set(US Plug)

SKU EDA004471401A
by Ojalu
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1. Thermal imaging display: 7-inch
2. Input voltage: 110-220V
3. Laser power: 55W
4. For quicker maintenance, point the accurate desoldering dot without trouble
5. Adjustable pump laser lens equipped with infrared thermal imaging automatic real-time temperature control
6. Adjust the laser lens to control the heating range to suit the size of the desoldering components
7. Laser heating, thermal imaging, microscope-integrated assistance higher efficiency, and better maintenance experience
8. When using the microscope lens for detection, in order to reduce repeated observation, the microscope screen can be disassembled and installed at the rear of the machine, which can be selected at will according to user habits
9. Craftsman production, to pursue excellence, specially made microscope camera, multiple zoom lens, adjustable testing angle
10. The temperature is automatically controlled when it reaches the set temperature, freeing you from the concern of uncontrollable temperature causing the burning of components
11. Microscope positioning consistent with the desoldering position, real-time observation of the changes in tiny components
12. Complete laser desoldering system composed of high-dimensional components
13. Microscope display: 10 inch
14. Package includes:
- 1 x Infrared laser desoldering machine set
- 1 x Heat-resistant non-slip plastic pad
- 1 x Specially made CX3 Industrial camera
- 1 x Microscope kit module
15. Brand: MEGA-IDEA
16. Heating range: 100 ~450 degree celsius
17. Packaging size: 37.5 x 30 x 34.6cm
18. Unfolded product size: 58.5 x 27.5 x 48.5cm