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by Measy

Measy DVI1815 DVI Extender Transmitter and Receiver Converter, POE Single Power Supply, Transmission Distance: 150m

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Color: AU Plug
Option: DVI1815
1. Plug and play, no driver is needed, the metal shell is sturdy, the fuselage is equipped with heat dissipation ports, which effectively reduces the damage caused by heat to the machine and prolongs the service life.
2. Adopt HD transmission technology, support 1080P HD transmission, support resolution up to: 1920 X 1080 60Hz, make the picture come alive.
3. POE unilateral power supply, we use a special technology to allow the cable connected to the transmitter and receiver to transmit power. Only one power adapter can support the entire kit operation, reducing a lot of complicated operations. It is simpler and more convenient.
4. Extend DVI image and audio signals simultaneously up to 150m by using a cat6/6a/7 cable
5. Widely used in KTV, multimedia video, network engineering, stage demo, outdoor display and so on.

1. Projector home theater
2. Office conference system
3. School education audio-visual education system
4. VR, game system
5. TV and movie live broadcast shooting scenes

1. Extension distance: 150m
2. Resolution: 1920 x 1080 60Hz, backward compatible
3. Power supply: support POE function power supply
4. Shell material: aluminum alloy
5. Dimensions:
- Transmitter: 80.5 x 57x 20mm
- Receiver: 80.5 x 57 x 20mm
6. Weight: 175g

Package List
1. Transmitter x 1
2. Receiver x 1
3. Power Supply x 1
4. Manual x 1